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DonorUP matches a donor's interests to the missions of nonprofits.
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Our Team


Allan Amico

Founder & CEO

Allan supports nonprofits that explore mentorship and promote athletics as a way to develop life skills. These organizations are located in communities where he grew up (Buffalo, New York) and where he attended college (Princeton, New Jersey). His affinity for them grew out of his time rowing in high school and college, as well as his continued commitment to daily exercise.


Hannah Kloepfer

SVP Content & Culture

Hannah supports nonprofits that champion arts education, health, and wellness. With a background in entertainment and nonprofit development, she’s seen firsthand the serious lack of creativity, problem-solving and communication skills in students of all ages. She looks for organizations connected to the communities she nurtured in college (Columbia University), but with projects (and family!) from coast to coast, she is committed to bringing people together through the arts and empowering them (through education) to lead healthier lives.


Vaidhy Murti

Chief Technology Officer

Vaidhy supports nonprofits that provide healthcare and educational aid to individuals and families. Some of these are focused on assisting people from his hometown in India, while others are based in Manhattan, where he currently lives. His passion for this work developed out of his time volunteering at a school for underprivileged children, and his belief in universal access to education.


Michael Amico

Chief Strategy Officer

Michael supports nonprofits that explore social issues through art, strengthen conversation skills, and advocate for fair compensation for artists. Some of them are run by people who went to his grad school (Yale) and others are based near where he lives in Brooklyn. Their work brings together his enjoyment in attending theater and concerts, as well as reading and writing.

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We believe that why, where, and how we give is integral to who we are as friends, neighbors, and citizens. Let's organize ourselves around giving in ways we never have before. Let's discover our philanthropic identities and support the causes that matter most to us. Let's DonorUP!

Frequently Asked Questions

DonorUP matches you with nonprofits based on basic information about yourself, your free-time activities, and your philanthropic interests. Matching on your philanthropic interests is easy, but we also want to form connections between what you do in your free time and the mission of nonprofits. See our team bios above as an example of how these connections will help form your philanthropic identity. Lastly, we seek to make connections between your background and the background of the founders and key employees of a nonprofit. Perhaps you grew up, went to school, or currently live in the same place. Perhaps the nonprofit is based or does its work there as well.

You choose which nonprofits from your match list to add to your philanthropic portfolio. From there you can manage your donations to each nonprofit. And you’re easily able to request the addition of any nonprofit that is not yet listed on DonorUP. We will work to get them on-boarded ASAP.

DonorUP is the easiest way to organize all your donations and give to nonprofits all in one place. DonorUP also helps you discover and cultivate your philanthropic identity by matching you with causes that speak most directly with what you value in life. Some connections are obvious and others aren’t. It’s a fun process to be able to find new nonprofits that pursue the causes you care about. Everyone is already a philanthropist. Your donations are just spread across websites, e-mails, and good old checks. Not only will DonorUP manage all your donations in one place, but it will allow you to set recurring donations (no matter your budget) so that you don’t have to rely on reminders from the nonprofits themselves. And whenever you want to add or change your philanthropic portfolio and profile, you can do it in the palm of your hand.

Yes. All nonprofits listed on DonorUP are 501(c)(3)s, meaning that, in accordance with applicable tax laws, you will be able to deduct your donations to them on your tax return. We will work with the nonprofits to collect all of your tax acknowledgement forms in advance of tax season, and then provide you with an itemized list of all your donations.

DonorUP is free for donors. Nonprofits can also list themselves on DonorUP for free. Nonprofits pay a small transaction fee on donations (in line with all other donation processing platforms).

Please feel free to email us at [email protected] with additional questions.