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“Every recurring donation - no matter the amount - gives us a boom of confidence.”

-Katie Campos, Executive Director of Teach for America Buffalo

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Frequently Asked Questions

DonorUP is a free donation tool that matches you with nonprofits based on your interests and allows you to donate in just a few clicks. You can select one or more organizations to donate to on a one-time or recurring basis. Your donations will live in your portfolio for you to add to or edit at anytime. All repeat donors can access perks from our exclusive brand partners.

Yes. All nonprofits listed on DonorUP are 501(c)(3)s, meaning that, in accordance with applicable tax laws, you will be able to deduct your donations to them on your tax return. We work with the nonprofits to collect all of your tax acknowledgement forms in advance of tax season, and then provide you with an itemized list of all your donations.

DonorUP is free for donors and nonprofits! We pride ourselves as being the most cost effective way to donate to a nonprofit and the most value added (with our perks program).

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