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New York, NY
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SheNYC Arts is a group of theater professionals who showcase the talents of women & non-binary writers and other theater artists, proving that there is no reason for male writers, directors and composers to have the overwhelming majority of produced work. Our programs include Summer Theater Festivals in NYC, LA, and Atlanta, and CreateHER, a career training program for high school girls. Learn more at

Follow Your Dollar

$10 a month can provide each of our Festival shows with a new set piece, or cover our use of wires, cords, and gaff tape -- the nitty, gritty details that keep theaters running.

Did You Know?

In 1909, just 12.8% of shows on Broadway were written by women. 100 years later, in 2009, that number had dropped to 12.6%. And it hasn't gotten better since! We're here to help solve that problem, by investing in women early in their careers.

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