TIG 2021-22 Fundraising Goal

TIG 2021-22 Fundraising Goal

Hosted by:
The India Group
Event date August 31, 2022
Event time 7:00 pm ET
  • Education
  • Health Initiatives
Total raised:
Donation goal:
45% of our $60,000 goal!
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About This Campaign

The India Group has been sending Emergency Aid to our families since India locked down for COVID-19 on March 24, 2020. Over the past year, TIG has sent more than $30,000 to our families for food calculated at $1.30 per day per person. We need your help so we can continue to support our families. In addition to fulfilling our mission to provide for education and healthcare, during this pandemic they need food, masks, sanitizer, & water. Food insufficiency is our main worry. Since the economy has been shut down for more than a year, our low-skilled families have not been able to work. The families and the members of TIG are most appreciative for any help you are giving.

Donate $50 (feed a family of 5 for a week)
Donate $100 (provide Internet connection for a school year)
Donate $250 (provide 4 months of tutoring)
Donate $500 (provide a family basic medical care for a year)
Donate $1,000 (pay high school fees for a year)

If you would prefer to donate via check, please mail your donation to:
Michael Termini
127 West 96th Street #9E
New York NY 10025

More About The Cause(s)

The India Group (TIG) provides direct supervised financial support to individuals and families in India, primarily in the areas of education and healthcare. TIG builds bridges of friendship with the poorest of the poor, those who are so marginalized that they fall outside the social safety net. TIG is a 501(c)3 Organization.


  • Adel O'Regan
  • Aloma Qualls
  • Amy Ponticello
  • Andrea Aranguren
  • Angela Romeo Molloy
  • Ann Bradley
  • Ann Gale
  • Ann Randall
  • Ann Toole
  • Anne Rockney
  • Barry Gilman
  • Betsy Donavan
  • Bobbi Staigers
  • Brenda Ricci
  • Brian Hotaling
  • Carol Barker
  • Catherine Scott
  • Cathy Springer
  • Christine De Angelis
  • Colleen Grapes
  • Danila Mendoza
  • David and Carrie Roach
  • DeAnn Daigle
  • Deborah Quilter
  • Deborah Reilly
  • Diana Feldman
  • Edmund Gordon
  • Edward Poliandro
  • Elaine Ponticello
  • Elizabeth Chisholm
  • Eric Pollyea
  • Francine Barbetta
  • Glenn O’Brien
  • Gregg Cook
  • Gregg Silver
  • Harry Brown
  • Jackie Joyce Royster
  • Jacqueline Ahrens
  • James Johnson
  • Joan Williams
  • John Valencia
  • Julia Staigers
  • Kathleen Massey
  • Linda Cook
  • Loretta Church
  • Lori Borman
  • Luis Soto
  • Luisa and Seth Coburn
  • Lynn Corwin
  • Marilyn Mccarthy
  • Martin Watkins
  • Mary Galeone
  • Mary Lynn Broe
  • Massimo Maglione
  • Michael Termini
  • Nancy Fava
  • Nancy Lorence
  • Nicholas Grimaldi
  • Patricia Dunleavy
  • Patricia Fava
  • Patti Schaefer
  • Paul Ramsey
  • Paula Sarro
  • Peg Garrison
  • Richard Coburn
  • Robert Lepisko
  • Robyn Reichert
  • Roseann Bonadia
  • Rosemarie Smith
  • Sean Adcroft
  • Sheila Julien
  • Siddika Angle
  • Stephen Weeg
  • Tanya Valle
  • Vaidhy Murti
  • Vincent Campbell
  • Watson and Kim Swail
  • Willa Blake
  • Willie Morales
  • Yael Ravin