The SheNYC Theater Festival (Digital)

The SheNYC Theater Festival (Digital)

Hosted by:
SheNYC Arts
SheNYC Arts
Event date August 2021
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  • Gender Equality
  • Arts & Culture

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Ticket Information

The SheNYC Summer Theater Festival will have a digital performance of 7 full-length plays:

8/10 at 7:30pm EDT: Pride and Prejudice
8/12 at 7:30pm EDT: girl power sex positive joy ride
8/13 at 7:30pm EDT: Pouf!
8/14 at 7:30pm EDT: Over Easy
8/18 at 7:30pm EDT: Scar Tissue
8/19 at 7:30pm EDT: Plague Doctor!
8/20 at 7:30pm EDT: Intentions

To get your digital performance viewing link, please make a minimum $5 donation to SheNYC Arts. And if you make a donation of $10 or more, $5 of your ticket will go directly to the writer of the play.

The performance will be streamed via Youtube, and all details will be shared with you via email at least 25 minutes prior to the event. On the next page, you can select which show you would like to see. Tickets are only available for purchase before their premiere date, but please note that once purchased, your link will be valid for 5 days following the premiere date/time and available for multiple re-watches.

Event Information

It’s the classic story so many know and love — five sisters navigate courtship in a socially restrictive Regency world. Lizzy hates Mr. Darcy at first, but learns that she can’t always trust first impressions. Jane and Bingley fall in love, fall apart, and fall back together. Chaos ensues, but love triumphs in the end — for some.

girl power sex positive joy ride is a new play by Zoe Kamil, writer of the 2020 SheNYC Festival’s Fatchley. Best friends Mary and Karla are teachers at the same middle class suburban high school they attended together. When straight-laced, insecure Karla sends a tasteful nude that ends up in the wrong hands, old dynamics are called into question and a pair of teens have some very grown-up decisions to make.

About POUF!:
What happens when you mix hairspray, headlice and a little dab of Elvis? Hairlarity. The year is 1958 and Betty finds herself unfulfilled as a housewife. She and her husband have been unsuccessful in starting a family and her husband will not “permit” her to get a job. With the encouragement of her sister, Betty secretly sets up an in-home salon, leveraging her prowess with hairspray and bobby pins. Betty begins to change the lives of neighborhood women by “poufing” their hair. Pouf! is an “uplifting” comedy with big hair and even bigger laughs.

Donating eggs is not always what it’s cracked up to be. Sperm donation can happen with a magazine and a cup, but for people attempting to donate their eggs, things are not so easy. Through awkward moments, hormonal daydreams, dance parties, and the not-fun-kind-of-shots, over easy follows four egg donors from recruitment to extraction.

Time does not heal all wounds. Best friends Jessica and Sam each have scars from their pasts that have not healed. Jessica has never been able to get past an extremely damaging romantic relationship from her formative years in college, while Sam has been ignoring a painfully fractured relationship with her sister. After years of denial, an impromptu lunch date and a surprise overnight guest forces them both to confront these wounds and face what they didn’t want to see head on.

It’s an ordinary night in for roommates Cosmo, Casey, Roz, and Filomena. They bicker over chores, surf Netflix, and fend off the medieval Plague Doctor who haunts the corners of their apartment. But tonight, they’ve found a new way to relieve the monotony: a storytelling contest with perilous stakes. As they spin their tales, genres weave together and fictional worlds spring to life—and the good Doctor wants in.

This piece is a very, almost irresponsibly loose retelling of The Decameron, a 14th Century series of novellas about a bunch of twenty-somethings swapping stories while quarantined in the Italian countryside. They, too, are waiting out a plague. In this version, of course, the stories are updated. The characters are less concerned with the foibles of the clergy than they are with their own stagnant careers and social lives and the dismal state of the world. But the spirit remains the same: storytelling is humanity’s refuge in dangerous times, and bird masks are properly creepy.

A young woman struggles to find her happy ending when trouble from her past keeps resurfacing. After a traumatic sexual assault experience as a teen, Girl tries to move forward but college, boys and herself get in the way of coping.

More About The Cause(s)

SheNYC Arts is a group of theater professionals who showcase the talents of women & non-binary writers and other theater artists, proving that there is no reason for male writers, directors and composers to have the overwhelming majority of produced work. Our programs include Summer Theater Festivals in NYC, LA, and Atlanta, and CreateHER, a career training program for high school girls. Learn more at

Who's Attending

  • Adrienne Macbeth
  • Amanda Coker
  • Andrea Dunne
  • Andrea LaManna
  • Andrea Stewart
  • Anika Deshpande
  • Ann Morrill
  • Anna Huang
  • Anna McCarthy
  • Ashley Graham
  • Ashley Hope Villanueva
  • Austin Fleming
  • Benjamin Steinberg
  • Beth Millemann
  • Brandon Bogle
  • Brian Westphal
  • Cameron Roberts
  • Caren Ponty
  • Carly McCann
  • Carly Post
  • Caroline Saleeby
  • Cassie Boylan
  • Catherine Zelinski
  • Cathy Ritacco
  • Cheryl Barton-Petrie
  • Christine Echeandía
  • Christine Logan
  • Cindy Binnicker
  • Cindy Rosenthal
  • Connor O Donnell
  • Constance Ahlin
  • Cortney Radtke
  • Daniella Caggiano
  • Danielle Banks
  • Daria Butler
  • Deanna Macbeth
  • Debra O'Brien
  • Denise Zager
  • Diane Atkin
  • Diane PORTER
  • Eli Gonzalez
  • Elissa Ha
  • Eliza Hill
  • Ella Wynn
  • Elliot Clement
  • Ellyn Hament
  • Emily Hooper
  • Erin Reynolds
  • Evelyn Dumont
  • Fran Erenberg
  • fran williams
  • Gail Brooks Brooks
  • Garrett Shin
  • Genia Weinberg
  • Gina Case
  • Gloria Cohn
  • Hailey Brown
  • Hannah Thompson
  • Hannah Maria Hayes
  • Harry Miller
  • Helen Ojeda
  • Ira Kamil
  • Isabelle Mendez
  • James DeFelice
  • Jameson Caps
  • Jamie Fragnito
  • Janet K
  • Jean Sinofsky
  • Jean Tafler
  • Jeanne Johnson
  • Jeffrey Kamil
  • Jenna Harwood
  • Jenna Ruzga
  • Jennifer Brooks
  • Jennifer Harris
  • Jennifer Rivera
  • Jennifer Young
  • Jesse Hernon
  • Jessica Vinson
  • Jill Cornell
  • John McCann
  • John Powell
  • Jordan Brown
  • Jordan Chlapecka
  • Jordan Stam
  • JoShana Garrett
  • Julia Bray
  • Julie Stockton
  • karen Dempsey
  • Karen Lambeth
  • Karen Patterson
  • Karen Perez
  • Kate Rumsey
  • Kathleen Fowler
  • Kevin Schumacher
  • Kimberley Williams
  • Kimberly Walt
  • Kristen Milburn
  • Kristina Jaime
  • Laura Dillon
  • Laura Oas
  • Laura Willis
  • Lee Cohn
  • Leigh Zhang
  • Linda Bloom-Coley
  • Linda Lee
  • Lindsay Cronin
  • Lisa Buchy
  • Lisa Gordon
  • Liz Carletta
  • Luis Echandia
  • Lupa Aguilar
  • Madelaine Tully
  • Malia Dillon
  • Mallory Fischer
  • Mara Einson
  • Maria Rivero
  • Marlena Mack
  • Mary Campbell
  • Mary Surro
  • Meg Carroll
  • Melanie McKenzie
  • Melinda Basker
  • Michael Atkin
  • Michele Fragnito
  • Michele Hament
  • Michele Shel Leigh Mccourt
  • Michelle Cossette
  • Mikito Muroya
  • mk w
  • Molly Bader
  • Molly Siskin
  • Myles Carter
  • Nicola Barrett
  • Nora Kraft
  • Owen Schiller
  • pat mosey
  • Patricia Coash
  • Patricia Millemann
  • Phyllis Naef
  • Rachel Wilson
  • Raquelle Viteri
  • Rashmi Deshpande
  • Rebecca Kane
  • Rebecca Keeshin
  • Regina Athenas
  • Regina Fierro
  • Richard Ormsby
  • Rita McCann
  • Robin Chudnovsky
  • Rossana Powell
  • Samantha Caps
  • Samantha Levine
  • Sarah Gordin
  • Sarah Shin
  • Sarah Wilson
  • Scott Morgan
  • Shaleen Hudda Mulvany
  • Shaun Leisher
  • Steve Anderson
  • Susan Nicotra
  • Susie Austin
  • Suzanne Zuckerman
  • Tabitha Wallace
  • Tammy Smith
  • Theo Ramirez
  • Tina Drozdz
  • Tobias Macbeth
  • Tom & Suzanne Bright
  • Tori Rezek
  • Tracy McCalpin
  • Tyler Esselman
  • Tyler Riley
  • Vanessa Echandia
  • Vivian Altmann
  • Vivian Fentress
  • Viviane Maleh
  • William Dillon
  • Yoshi Campbell