Write Out Loud Virtual Jam

Write Out Loud Virtual Jam

Event date December 15, 2020
Event time 5:00 pm ET
Event location
A private YouTube link will be sent out prior to class
  • Arts & Culture

This event has already passed.

Ticket Information

To reserve a spot please make a minimum $5 donation to Dramatists Guild Foundation. The event will take place via Zoom and a private link will be sent out the morning of the event. Space is limited to 100 spots and will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Event Information

Write Out Loud is back! Now in its second year, Write Out Loud is an annual celebration of new musical theatre writers. With over 1000 song submissions to date, we are proud to present the 2020 winners and finalists in an acoustic, AT HOME concert benefiting DGF's COVID-19 relief efforts.

Directed and hosted by Taylor Louderman (Mean Girls, Bring it On) with musical direction by Ben Rauhala (Broadway Princess Party). Write Out Loud is produced by Hannah Kloepfer, associate producer Sarah Glugatch, and executive produced by Josh Collopy.

Full Cast and Composers to be announced!

In spring of 2019, Taylor Louderman (Mean Girls, Bring it On), Ben Rauhala (Broadway Princess Party), and Matt Rodin held a song-writing contest. With over 500 submissions, the 2019 winners — Kailey Marshall, Joriah Fleming, India Angel, Brandon Michael Lowden, Mackenzie Szabo — were selected, all receiving a music video and recording of their song by Warner Music Group. Be on the lookout for the 2020 winning songs on all major music streaming platforms!

More About The Cause(s)

The Dramatists Guild Foundation protects the future of the American theater by nurturing the writers who create it. For over fifty years DGF has helped countless playwrights, composers, lyricists, and bookwriters by providing necessary tools, resources, and aid.

Who's Attending

  • Abby Morrill
  • Alba Walsh
  • Alexandra Hardenstein
  • Alison Campbell
  • Amanda Bennett
  • Amanda Freedman
  • Amy Cassidy
  • amy schott
  • Anissa Perona
  • Anna Conway
  • Annie Sharman
  • Ben Bennett
  • Beret Amundson
  • Berin Denham
  • Bethany Thomas
  • Brandon Lowden
  • Brian Wasserman
  • Brittany Schmitke
  • Bryanan Ramirez
  • Caitlin Doak
  • Carol Vazquez
  • Chloe Geller
  • Cody Stanley
  • Courtney Steinhauser
  • Danica Rosenbloom
  • Danielle Jones
  • Danny Adams
  • David Frauenfelder
  • Dayle Tuck Gann
  • Diane Glugatch
  • Dillon Oliver
  • Donald Gray
  • Doug Copley
  • Emily Bisesto
  • Emily Laycock
  • Emily Naud
  • Garrett Shin
  • gary carlson
  • Gwen Daniels
  • Hannah Kloepfer
  • Helena Wood
  • Ivana Brown
  • Jack Costello
  • Jackson Mattek
  • James Alden
  • Jamie Stires Hardin
  • Jane Amundson
  • jane blockhus
  • Jane Cooper
  • Jenny Campbell
  • Jeroen Walraven
  • Jessica Lattman
  • Jesus Aguilera
  • John Kerezy
  • John Ruetten
  • Julia Hellums
  • Karli Fisher
  • Katie Strok
  • Kedrick Brown
  • Kelli Funk
  • Kelly Blackwood
  • Kim Carnahan
  • Kris Estenson
  • Kylie Allen
  • Kylie O’Brien
  • Laura Tiano
  • Laurie Dunn
  • Linda Tollefson
  • Lisa Copley
  • Lisa Simpson
  • Lizzie Crawford
  • Lizzy Cubitt
  • Lucia Antras
  • Lydia Macallan
  • Marge Coaklet
  • Maria gray
  • Marjorie Searcy
  • Mary Loven
  • Mary Lynn Oglesbee
  • Matthew Clark
  • Meridian Monthy
  • Nancy Carlson
  • Natalie Schaffer
  • Nele Dittkrist
  • Nicholas Campagna
  • Nick gray
  • Nicole Chulick
  • Olivia Jasper
  • Olyvia Kim
  • Peter Breier
  • Rachel J Pokelsek
  • Richard Erickson
  • Riley Alexander
  • Ronald Moen
  • Roshini Srinivasan
  • Ruth Barra
  • Samantha Lee
  • Sami Schneider
  • Sarah Moran
  • Sarah Katherine Lawless
  • Scott Bonasso
  • Shaun Peknic
  • Shawn Denton
  • Shawn Langness-Varner
  • Shelley Cooper
  • Stella Koltunov
  • Susan Lohmann
  • susan waters
  • Suzanne Smith
  • Tammy Brown
  • Tammy Denton
  • Tanyah Hope Anderson
  • Todd Lundwall
  • Tracy Kochendorfer
  • Tyler King
  • Will Thomason