NVA & Guests at Arts On Site

NVA & Guests at Arts On Site

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NVA & Guests
NVA & Guests
Event date April 24 and April 25
Event location
Arts on Site (12 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003)
  • Arts & Culture
  • Education

This event has already passed.

Ticket Information

New York City! Join NVA & Guests at Arts On Site to celebrate what we’ve done and where we’re going.

To purchase a ticket, please make a minimum donation of $35 to NVA & Guests and choose between the following times on the next page:

MONDAY 4/24 at 6:30pm or 8:30pm

TUESDAY 4/25 at 6:30pm or 8:30pm

If you donate $50, you will receive an NVA & Guests t-shirt in addition to a ticket to the performance. If you donate $100, you will receive an NVA & Guests t-shirt and an invitation to a future in-person open rehearsal, in addition to a ticket to the performance. If you donate $250 or more, you will receive all of the aforementioned perks and we will contact you about ways you can further experience NVA & Guests and be part of our continued growth!

Can't make it? Please consider a donation to NVA & Guests by selecting “Can’t Attend But Will Donate”. If you donate a minimum of $10, you will be sent a link to S O I, the film being shown at our event, to view on your own for a limited time.

Event Information

In a night of film and dance, you’ll be the first to experience excerpts of our new evening-length work, premiering in NYC in Fall 2023. We are also excited to share the NY premiere of our latest dance film, S O I, filmed in the Swiss Alps last summer. We’ll round out our evening with a discussion about our process and plans from Artistic Director Nicole von Arx, and continue the conversation over refreshments. We'll be serving wine delivered by the Swiss Consulate and specialty cocktails by our friends at 44 North Vodka.

Proceeds from ticket purchases + donations will go directly to the artists and support the future NVA & Guests. Space is limited so we recommend reserving your spot in advance!

More About The Cause(s)

NVA & Guests creates interdisciplinary and evocative movement-based live performances and films that forge genuine connections among the spectator, stage, and screen. With playful narration, ambiguous characters, dynamic physicality, and a touch of humor, Artistic Director Nicole von Arx draws upon her background in contemporary and immersive dance/theatre scenes as she invites audiences to actively participate while remaining present in their bodies and minds. Photo by Gabriel Premand

Who's Attending

  • Tracey Chan
  • Eleanor van Veen
  • Jacq Smith
  • Laja Field
  • Courtney Mazeika
  • Michel von Arx
  • Madison Dyke
  • Elise Schlesinger
  • Scot Barenblat
  • Charlie Trapasso
  • Rachel Harris
  • Isabel Meena
  • De’Ja Farr
  • Margaret Carter
  • Anna Gichan
  • truth colon
  • Katherine Maxwell
  • Laura Izquierdo Jurado
  • Roberto Abarca
  • David Runco
  • Elenor Colbert
  • Oddalys Salcido
  • Susan Colbert Wright
  • Cody Morgan
  • Charlotte Bydwell
  • Melissa Gomis
  • Savannah Dobbs
  • Marc Marti
  • Ameeya Singh
  • Lindsey Matheis
  • Alyson Rutherford
  • natalie tornillo
  • Naomi Adam-Johnston
  • Lilach Orenstein
  • Caroline Wilson
  • Olivia De Camps
  • Tanner Frisbey
  • Mark Buhrmester
  • Rebecca Eurom
  • Claire Goldes
  • Bryan Testa
  • Yolette Yellow-Duke
  • Chris Lunney
  • Wills Ladd
  • Alyssa Faye
  • Leah Suskind
  • Sean Rosado
  • Niara Hardister
  • Lise Vachon
  • Mitra Bonshahi
  • Lucia Flexer-Marshall
  • Zoe Zen
  • Aliza Russell
  • Alexis Vinzons
  • DaMond Garner
  • Ronnie Lanzilotta
  • Lily Sheppard
  • Doug Harrison
  • Emma Lalor
  • Joyce Lin
  • Katie Lake
  • Abigail Linnemeyer
  • Brenna Sautter
  • Annie Morgan
  • Liane Aung
  • Irene Paci
  • Taylor Graham
  • Mark Eric Rodriguez
  • Sophia Cavaliere
  • Isabelle Schramm Schifferli
  • Corinne Lohner
  • Delilah Gamson Levy
  • Christine Flores
  • Kassie Kolbeck
  • Adi Dina
  • Regina Cavaliere
  • Taylor Woodie
  • Evangelina Kynigopoulou
  • Lavinia Vago
  • Patricia Arellano
  • Marla Phelan
  • Liana Kleinman
  • Ragin Smith
  • Melody Morrow
  • Cristina Moya-Palacios
  • Johnny Mathews
  • Jessica Marchand
  • Emily McManus
  • Gabby DiNizo
  • Stella Jacobs
  • Michaella Barron
  • Tea Perez
  • Reche Nelson
  • Keerati Jinakunwiphat
  • Sabrina Canas
  • Amanda Knight
  • Rita Gonçalves
  • Maria Angela Talavera
  • Francesca Dominguez
  • Starla Edwards
  • Anneliese Taylor
  • Devin Lyon
  • Marcey Mandell
  • Leaf Lieber
  • Gabbie Scudder
  • Brandon Coleman
  • Terrel Lefferts
  • Gayle Embrey
  • Michael Gross
  • Skye Kita
  • Micaelina Carter
  • Tieran Horton
  • Brooklyn Anderson
  • Davonna Batt
  • Janet Gross
  • Alexandra Wells
  • Dan Denegre
  • Mackenzie Ginter
  • Gabby Flanders
  • Malia Lam
  • Tori Mazzacone
  • Jules Rasmussen
  • Elena Dalla Torre
  • Ashley Tillman
  • Brooke Martin
  • Nicole von Arx
  • Allan Amico